AH, my favorite Cops and Hummers

I'm sick of all this treehugging green chic BS. I mean, a new york minute doesn't go by riding around this town that you don't pass something like this in a store window...

One less Car? I mean what the hell is Paragon Sports doing with these kind of messages that those damn bike riding anarchist go around waving like some kind of twisted mantra.

Thats why I started a new blog which reflects my new passion:


I mean here is a prime example, showing off my two favorite loves:

Cops and Big Trucks.



    i'm really glad to see that you've finally found your true passion. that hummer-copper-mobile is really beautiful.

    i'm very excited about this new blog. i think it will be more informative and useful for my own personal life objectives. thank you.

    : )


    holy shit dude!


    Gob bless America!


    LOL... Very LOL baby!
    That's the ugliest piece of future eating machismo I've seen since I don't know!

    Kind of like they're here to enforce compliance with the end of the species or something!
    I guess if you're gonna do that stuff you gotta do it BIG!


    That's pretty bad. I think this is worse.


    Fuck yeah! Semper fi!


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